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D00001X Chart
D00002X Diagram
D00003X Drawing
D00004X Picture
D00005X Table
D00006X Text
D00007X Photo
D00008X Audio (record)
D00009X Video (record)
D00010XXX Standard
D00011XXX Description
D00012XXX Information
D00013XXX Log
D00014XXX Manual
D00015XXX Record
D00016XXX Report
D00017XXX Specification
D00018XXX Instruction (for the use of an object)
D00019XXX Instruction (directive)
D00020XXX Certificate
D00021Cover sheet
D00022List of documents
D00023List of contents
D00024Document interchange list
D00025Time schedule
D00026Activity network plan
D00027Resource load diagram
D00028Storage specification
D00029Transport specification
D00030Site specification for personnel
D00031Training description
D00032Dimension drawing
D00033Maintenance instruction (for skilled persons)
D00034Operating instruction
D00035Requirement specification
D00036Test specification
D00037Calculation sheet (technical)
D00038Overview diagram
D00039Network map
D00040Block diagram (IEC 61082-1)
D00041Block diagram (ISO 10628)
D00042Process flow diagram
D00043Piping and instrument diagram (P&ID)
D00044Utility flow diagram (UFD)
D00045Function description
D00046Function diagram
D00047Logic-function diagram
D00048Function chart
D00049Equivalent-circuit diagram
D00050Sequence chart
D00051Time sequence chart
D00052Signal list
D00053Circuit diagram
D00054Terminal-function diagram
D00055Connection diagram (cables)
D00056Code list
D00057Connection diagram
D00058Function description (software)
D00059Connection table
D00060Function list
D00061Connection table (cables)
D00062Arrangement drawing (site)
D00063Arrangement drawing (building)
D00064Arrangement drawing (equipment)
D00065Terminal connection diagram
D00066Unit connection diagram
D00067Interconnection diagram
D00068Interconnection diagram (cables)
D00069Cable diagram
D00070Terminal connection list
D00071Terminal connection table
D00072Unit connection list
D00073Unit connection table
D00074Interconnection list
D00075Interconnection table
D00076Cable list
D00077Cable table
D00078Quality manual
D00079Quality plan
D00080Quality record
D00081Audit plan
D00082Audit report
D00083Test certificate
D00084Material certificate
D00085Test report
D00086Site plan (base document for electrical installation)
D00087Earthing diagram
D00088Installation diagram (site)
D00089Cable routing drawing (site)
D00090Installation diagram (building)
D00091Cable routing drawing (building)
D00092Earthing drawing (site)
D00093Earthing drawing (building)
D00094Earthing plan (site)
D00095Earthing plan (building)
D00096Installation drawing (site)
D00097Installation drawing (building)
D00098Installation plan (site)
D00099Installation plan (building)
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D00100Building drawing (base document for electrical installation)
D00101Assembly drawing
D00102Test report (software)
D00103Material list
D00104Parts list (class A)
D00105Parts list (class B)
D00106Spare parts list
D00107Label list
D00108Location list
D00109Operational log
D00110Maintenance and modification log
D00111Test log
D00112Single-line diagram
D00113Topological diagram (of a network)
D00114System diagram (for a network)
D00115System operational diagram (of a network)
D00116Three-phase system diagram (of a network)
D00117Voltage map (for a network)
D00118Signal property list
D00119Structure diagram
D00120Transportation instruction
D00121Storage instruction
D00122Installation instruction
D00123Commissioning instruction
D00124Fault-finding instruction
D00125Maintenance instruction (for unskilled persons)
D00126Decommissioning instruction
D00127XXX Declaration
D00128Declaration of conformity
D00129Material declaration
D00130Main document
D00131Component drawing
D00132Documentation description
D00133Documentation structure diagram
D00134Vendor list
D00135Supplier list
D00136Distribution list
D00137Meeting report
D00138Status report
D00139Technical report (management)
D00140Damage report
D00141Installation report
D00142Commissioning report
D00143Handing over protocol
D00146Time sheet
D00147Dispatch specification
D00148Shipping list
D00149Packing list
D00150Airway bill
D00151Bill of lading
D00152Certificate of origin
D00153Change notification
D00154Change request
D00155Escape plan
D00156Emergency instruction
D00157Fire protection plan
D00158Noise protection plan
D00160Calculation sheet (commercial)
D00162Letter of intent
D00163Letter of acceptance
D00164Approval application
D00165Acceptance/ authorisation
D00168Final acceptance certificate
D00169Terms of delivery
D00172Delivery note
D00174Insurance policy
D00175Damage assessment
D00176Certificate of guarantee
D00178Data sheet
D00179System description
D00180Description of designation system
D00181Manufacturing instructions
D00183Inspection instruction
D00185Technical report
D00186R&D report
D00188Product leaflet
D00189Technical publication
D00190Building regulation
D00191Operation decree
D00192Environmental decree
D00193IEC standard
D00194ISO standard
D00195Consumer list
D00196Component list of instrumentation and control equipment
D00197Measuring point and criteria list
D00198List of motors and loads
D00199Material specification
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D00200Overview diagram (flow)
D00201Screen display layout drawing
D00202Setting list
D00203Program diagram
D00204Design description
D00205Ground plan
D00206Excavation plan
D00207Foundation drawing
D00208Reinforcement drawing
D00209Static drawing
D00210Cable pulling card
D00211Piping list
D00212Item list
D00213Product list
D00214Product type list
D00215Quality guideline
D00216Non-conformity report
D00217Corrective and preventive action report
D00218Audit follow-up report
D00219Audit personnel record
D00220Safety study
D00221Risk assessment
D00222Fault report
D00223Concept drawing
D00224Design drawing
D00225Development plan
D00226Interface drawing
D00227Exploded-view drawing
D00229Manufacturing drawing
D00230Drilling plan
D00231Welding plan
D00232Layout drawing
D00233Batch recipe

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