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IEC 61355 - Collection of standardized and established document kinds

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General description
Document kinds by:
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Activity area
Presentation form
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Status level
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Acceptance/ authorisation
Activity network plan
Airway bill
Approval application
Arrangement drawing (building)
Arrangement drawing (equipment)
Arrangement drawing (site)
Assembly drawing
Audit follow-up report
Audit personnel record
Audit plan
Audit report
Batch recipe
Bill of lading
Block diagram (IEC 61082-1)
Block diagram (ISO 10628)
Building drawing (base document for electrical installation)
Building regulation
Cable diagram
Cable list
Cable pulling card
Cable routing drawing (building)
Cable routing drawing (site)
Cable table
Calculation sheet (commercial)
Calculation sheet (technical)
Certificate of guarantee
Certificate of origin
Change notification
Change request
Circuit diagram
Code list
Commissioning instruction
Commissioning report
Component drawing
Component list of instrumentation and control equipment
Concept drawing
Connection diagram
Connection diagram (cables)
Connection table
Connection table (cables)
Consumer list
Corrective and preventive action report
Cover sheet
Damage assessment
Damage report
Data sheet
Declaration of conformity
Decommissioning instruction
Delivery note
Description of designation system
Design description
Design drawing
Development plan
Dimension drawing
Dispatch specification
Distribution list
Document interchange list
Documentation description
Documentation structure diagram
Drilling plan
Earthing diagram
Earthing drawing (building)
Earthing drawing (site)
Earthing plan (building)
Earthing plan (site)
Emergency instruction
Environmental decree
Equivalent-circuit diagram
Escape plan
Excavation plan
Exploded-view drawing
Fault-finding instruction
Fault report
Final acceptance certificate
Fire protection plan
Foundation drawing
Function chart
Function description
Function description (software)
Function diagram
Function list
Ground plan
Handing over protocol
IEC standard
Inspection instruction
Installation diagram (building)
Installation diagram (site)
Installation drawing (building)
Installation drawing (site)
Installation instruction
Installation plan (building)
Installation plan (site)
Installation report
Insurance policy
Interconnection diagram
Interconnection diagram (cables)
Interconnection list
Interconnection table
Interface drawing
ISO standard
Item list
Label list
Layout drawing
Letter of acceptance
Letter of intent
List of contents
List of documents
List of motors and loads
Location list
Logic-function diagram
Main document
Maintenance and modification log
Maintenance instruction (for skilled persons)
Maintenance instruction (for unskilled persons)
Manufacturing drawing
Manufacturing instructions
Material certificate
Material declaration
Material list
Material specification
Measuring point and criteria list
Meeting report
Network map
Noise protection plan
Non-conformity report
Operating instruction
Operation decree
Operational log
Overview diagram
Overview diagram (flow)
Packing list
Parts list (class A)
Parts list (class B)
Piping and instrument diagram (P&ID)
Piping list
Process flow diagram
Product leaflet
Product list
Product type list
Program diagram
Quality guideline
Quality manual
Quality plan
Quality record
Reinforcement drawing
Requirement specification
Resource load diagram
Risk assessment
R&D report
Safety study
Screen display layout drawing
Sequence chart
Setting list
Shipping list
Signal list
Signal property list
Single-line diagram
Site plan (base document for electrical installation)
Site specification for personnel
Spare parts list
Static drawing
Status report
Storage instruction
Storage specification
Structure diagram
Supplier list
System description
System diagram (for a network)
System operational diagram (of a network)
Technical publication
Technical report
Technical report (management)
Terminal-function diagram
Terminal connection diagram
Terminal connection list
Terminal connection table
Terms of delivery
Test certificate
Test log
Test report
Test report (software)
Test specification
Three-phase system diagram (of a network)
Time schedule
Time sequence chart
Time sheet
Topological diagram (of a network)
Training description
Transport specification
Transportation instruction
Unit connection diagram
Unit connection list
Unit connection table
Utility flow diagram (UFD)
Vendor list
Voltage map (for a network)
Welding plan
X Audio (record)
X Chart
X Diagram
X Drawing
X Photo
X Picture
X Table
X Text
X Video (record)
XXX Certificate
XXX Declaration
XXX Description
XXX Information
XXX Instruction (directive)
XXX Instruction (for the use of an object)
XXX Manual
XXX Record
XXX Report
XXX Specification
XXX Standard

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