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common physical and conceptual boundary between two systems or between two parts of the same system

a) AC/AC interface

interface between an inverter and its AC loads

NOTE 1 An AC/AC interface may include AC/AC voltage conversion, filters and connection of auxiliary AC electricity supplies

b) AC side of the interface

part of a grid-connected installation from the AC terminals of the inverter to the point of connection to the distribution system

c) DC interface

connections between the PV array field and the input of the power conditioning sub-system

d) DC/DC interface

interface between a DC conditioner output and its DC loads

NOTE 2 A DC/DC interface may include DC switchgear, filters and connection of an auxiliary DC electricity supply

e) DC side of the interface

DC part of a grid-connected installation, from the PV modules to the DC terminals of the inverter

f) utility interface

interface between the power conditioning sub-system, the local AC load, and the utility grid

NOTE 3 A utility interface may include AC/AC voltage conversion and utility interactive protective functions

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