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ENphotovoltaic, photovoltaics 
(Abbreviation: PV)

photovoltaic, adjective

photovoltaics, noun

relating to electrical phenomena caused by the photovoltaic effect

The following terms are commonly used in describing photovoltaic devices. The term "photovoltaic" is commonly referred to "PV". See also "photovoltaic", 3.2.21 and 3.3.56

a) photovoltaic cell

most elementary photovoltaic device

NOTE 1 In solar PV energy system applications, another term for "photovoltaic cell" is "solar photovoltaic cell", colloquially referred to as a "solar cell"

b) photovoltaic current

(Unit: A)

DC electric current generated in a photovoltaic device

NOTE 2 See also "dark current", 3.1.18

c) photovoltaic device

component that exhibits the photovoltaic effect

NOTE 3 Examples of a photovoltaic device includes a photovoltaic cell, module or array

d) photovoltaic effect

production of DC voltage by the absorption of photons

NOTE 4 Currently the photovoltaic effect is known to be produced by specifically designed semiconductors. This results in the direct non-thermal conversion of radiant energy into electrical energy

e) photovoltaic material

material that exhibits the photovoltaic effect

f) photovoltaic module

complete and environmentally protected assembly of interconnected photovoltaic cells

NOTE 5 Photovoltaic modules can be assembled into photovoltaic panels and photovoltaic arrays. See " photovoltaic/photovoltaic panel" (3.3.56e) and "photovoltaic/photovoltaic array" (3.3.56a)

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