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assigned quantity used for specification purposes indicating a specific characteristic of a PV system or component established for a specified set of operating conditions

NOTE 1 See also IEV 151-16-08

a) rated capacity

see "capacity/rated capacity", 3.4.10d)

b) rated condition

conditions under which a manufacturer states a specific operating characteristic of a product

c) rated current

(Symbol: IR ) (Unit: A)

electric current produced by a PV device at a rated voltage under specified operating conditions

d) rated efficiency

(Unit: dimensionless, usually expressed as a percentage, %)

efficiency of a component at specified operating conditions

e) rated load

electric load required to achieve the rated output power of a PV system or its PV devices, or components

f) rated power

(Symbol: PR) (Unit: W)

electric power produced by a PV device or other PV system component under specified operating conditions

g) rated power at STC

(Symbol: Pstc) (Unit: W)

electric power delivered by a PV device at its maximum power point at standard test conditions, STC

NOTE 2 Rated power at STC is colloquially, but incorrectly referred to as "peak power"

NOTE 3 See also "conditions/standard test conditions", 3.4.16e)

h) rated power at SOC

(Symbol: Psoc) (Unit: W)

electric power delivered by a PV device or system under standard operating conditions

i) rated sun-hours

(Unit: h)

amount of time that the solar irradiance is at reference levels

NOTE 4 Rated sun-hours is usually expressed on a daily basis

NOTE 5 If GI,ref = 1 kW m–2 then "rated sun-hours" over any period of time is numerically equal to the irradiation over the same period as expressed in kWh m–2

j) rated system power

Pertaining to stand-alone PV systems: system power generated when connected to a rated load

Pertaining to grid-connected PV systems: system power that can be generated under standard operating conditions, SOC

NOTE 6 See also "conditions/standard operating conditions", 3.4.16d)

k) rated voltage

(Symbol: VR) (Unit: V)

voltage at which a generator is designed to generate maximum electricity under specified operating conditions

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