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conditions under which a PV device is evaluated

NOTE The conditions under which a PV device is evaluated typically specify irradiance, ambient temperature, spectral distribution and/or air mass

a) acceptance test conditions

(Abbreviation: ATC)

reference values of ambient temperature, in-plane irradiance and spectral distribution specified for the power rating of a PV device

b) operating conditions

conditions under which a PV device is operating

c) optional test conditions

test irradiance as measured with a reference PV device of 1 000 W m–2 and PV cell junction temperature at any conveniently measured ambient conditions

d) standard operating conditions

(Abbreviation: SOC)

operating values of in-plane irradiance (1 000 W m–2), PV device junction temperature equals the nominal operating PV cell junction temperature (NOCT), and air mass (AM = 1,5)

e) standard test conditions

(Abbreviation: STC)

reference values of in-plane irradiance (GI,ref = 1 000 W m–2), PV cell junction temperature (25 C), and air mass (AM = 1,5) to be used during the testing of any PV device

f) test conditions

conditions under which a device is tested

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