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PV device or system that concentrates solar radiation

Term associated with PV devices or PV systems that use concentrated solar radiation (e.g., concentrator PV cell, concentrator PV module/assembly, concentrator PV array, concentrator PV system, concentrator PV plant)

NOTE "Concentrator" is often used instead of its synonym "concentrating"

a) concentrator photovoltaic cell

PV cell specifically designed to be used under the illumination of concentrated sunlight

b) concentrator photovoltaic module

smallest, complete, environmentally protected assembly of receivers, optics, and related components such as interconnects and mounting, that concentrates sunlight

c) concentrator photovoltaic receiver

assembly of one or more concentrator PV cells or PV cells that accept concentrated sunlight and incorporates the means for thermal and electric energy removal

d) concentrator photovoltaics

(Abbreviation: CPV)

PV devices that employ concentrating devices to enhance solar radiation

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