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ENPV array 
a) a mechanically integrated assembly of modules or panels and support structure that forms a d.c. electricity-producing unit. An array does not include foundation, tracking apparatus, thermal control, and other such components

(Source: IEC 61836:2007, 3.3.45 a)

b) a mechanically and electrically integrated assembly of PV modules, and other necessary components, to form a d.c. power supply unit

(Source: IEC 60364-7-712:2002, 712.3.4)

NOTE A PV array may consist of a single PV module, a single PV string, or several parallel-connected strings, or several parallel-connected PV sub-arrays and their associated electrical components. For the purposes of this standard the boundary of a PV array is the output side of the PV array disconnecting device. Two or more PV arrays, which are not interconnected in parallel on the generation side of the power conditioning unit, shall be considered as independent PV arrays.

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Published in:IEC 62257-7-1, ed. 2.0 (2010-09) Terms     Info
Reference number:3.29
Source:IEC 61836:2007, 3.3.45 a) et IEC 60364-7-712:2002, 712.3.4

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