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assembly of components

The following terms describe common sub-systems:

a) monitor and control sub-system

(Abbreviation: MCM)

logic and control component(s) that supervise(s) the overall operation of the system by controlling the interaction between all sub-systems

b) photovoltaic generator sub-system

components that convert light energy into electricity using the PV effect

c) power conditioning sub-system

component(s) that convert(s) electricity from one form into another form that is suitable for the intended application

NOTE A power conditioning sub-system could include a charge regulator that converts DC to DC, an inverter that converts DC to AC, or a charger or rectifier that converts AC to DC

d) safety disconnect control and monitoring sub-system

component(s) that monitor(s) utility grid conditions and open(s) a safety disconnect for out-of-bound conditions

e) storage sub-system

component(s) that store(s) energy

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