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EN isolated PCE  
a PCE with at least simple separation between the main power output circuits and PV circuits and having leakage currents less than the limits required to be classified as an isolated PCE.

Note 1 to entry: Inverter requirements are as set out in IEC62109-2. The separation/isolation may be either integral to the PCE or provided externally e.g. an inverter with an external isolation transformer. If the isolation is provided externally there must be no other equipment connected to the same circuit as the PCE.

Note2 to entry: In a PCE with more than two external circuits, there may be isolation between some pairs of circuits and no isolation between others. For example, an inverter with PV, battery, and mains circuits may provide isolation between the mains circuit and the PV circuit, but no isolation between the PV and battery circuits. In this Technical Specification, the term isolated PCE is used as defined above in general – referring to isolation between the main power output circuit and the PV circuits.

Note3 to entry: For a PCE that does not have internal isolation between the main power output circuit and PV circuits, but is required to be used with a dedicated isolation means, with no other equipment connected to the PCE side of that isolation means, the combination may be treated as an isolated PCE.

Note4 to entry: In the case of an inverter required to be used with a dedicated external isolation transformer, the requirement to have no other equipment connected between the inverter and the inverter-side winding allows designs having more than one inverter connected to the same transformer, as long as each inverter is connected to a separate transformer winding. If more than one inverter is intended to be connected to a single winding, the inverters must be treated as non-isolated inverters.

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