International Electrotechnical Commission

a) array capacity

(Unit: W)

rated power generation of a PV array

b) capacity factor

(Symbol: LSP) (Unit: dimensionless, usually expressed as a percentage (%) over a period of time such as a month or year)

ratio of the output energy of system (WSP) to the product of rated PV array output (P0) and operating time

c) installed capacity

see "rated capacity", 3.4.10d)

d) rated capacity

(Unit: Ah, or Wh)

Pertaining to storage devices: quantity of charge (or energy) that can be delivered by the storage device under specified conditions

Pertaining to PV devices: see "rated/rated power", 3.4.69f)

Pertaining to PV systems: see "power/rated system power", 3.4.69j)

e) residual capacity

(Unit: Ah, or Wh)

quantity of charge (or energy) remaining in an electrical storage device following a partial discharge

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