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ENovervoltage category (OVC) 
numeral designation defining a classification of transient overvoltage conditions

(Source: IEC 60664-1)

NOTE 1 See for a description of the four overvoltage categories.

NOTE 2 A transient overvoltage is defined as a ‘short duration overvoltage of a few milliseconds or less, oscillatory or non-oscillatory, usually highly damped’ [IEV 604-03-13]. It should not be confused with a temporary overvoltage (swell), which is defined as a ‘power frequency overvoltage of relatively long duration’

(Source: IEV 616-01-16)

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Published in:IEC 62109-1, ed. 1.0 (2010-04) Terms     Info
Reference number:3.51
Source:IEC 60664-1 and IEV 616-01-16

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