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The following terms describe common sub-assemblies of a photovoltaic array field. See also "photovoltaic", 3.1.43 and 3.2.21

a) photovoltaic array

assembly of mechanically integrated and electrically interconnected PV modules, PV panels or PV sub-arrays and its support structure

NOTE 1 A PV array does not include its foundation, tracking apparatus, thermal control, and other such components

b) photovoltaic array field

aggregate of all PV arrays within a given PV system focusing on the mechanical arrangement of the PV technology

c) photovoltaic assembly

PV components that are installed outdoors and remote from its loads, including modules, support structure, foundation, wiring, tracking apparatus, and thermal control (where specified), and including junction boxes, charge controllers and inverters depending on the assembly's installed configuration

NOTE 2 Examples of a PV assembly are the PV components on the roof or in the yard of a PV-electrified house, as different from the components of the PV system that are installed inside the house.

d) photovoltaic generator

generator that uses the photovoltaic effect to convert sunlight into electricity

NOTE 3 The PV generator is the PV array in a PV system

NOTE 4 A PV generator does not include energy storage devices or power conditioners

e) photovoltaic panel

PV modules mechanically integrated, pre-assembled and electrically interconnected

f) photovoltaic string

circuit of series-connected PV modules

g) photovoltaic sub-array

portion of a PV array that can be considered as a unit

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