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EN PV array  
assembly of electrically interconnected PV modules, PV strings or PV sub-arrays.

Note 1 to entry: For the purposes of this Technical Specification a PV array is all components up to the d.c. input terminals of the inverter or other power conversion equipment or d.c. loads.

A PV array does not include its foundation, tracking apparatus, thermal control, and other such components.

Note2 to entry: A PV array may consist of a single PV module, a single PV string, or several parallel-connected strings, or several parallel-connected PV sub-arrays and their associated electrical components (see Figure 2 to Figure 4). For the purposes of this Technical Specification the boundary of a PV array is the output side of the PV array disconnecting device.

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Published in:IEC 62548, ed. 1.0 (2013-07) Terms     Info
Reference number:3.1.33

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