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ENpower system 
installation to generate electricity, including civil engineering works, energy conversion equipment and all the necessary ancillary equipment

NOTE 1 A power system is also known as a power station or an electric generating station

a) dispatchable power system

grid-connected generating system that is capable of generating electricity as required by its interconnected electrical distribution system

NOTE 2 For example, a fossil-fuelled engine-powered generator is dispatchable

b) load offset power system

grid-connected generating system that only exports electrical energy to the electrical distribution system that is in excess of the on-site loads

c) merchant power system

grid-connected generating system whose sole purpose is to generate electricity for the electrical distribution system, not on-site loads

d) micropower system or micropower station

generating system that is intended to serve only for the generation of electricity to site loads, a microgrid, or a utility distribution system

NOTE 3 The typical generating capacity of a micropower system is less than 100 kVA

e) non-dispatchable power system

generating system that is not able to generate electricity as required by the loads

NOTE 4 For example, a renewable energy generator is a non-dispatchable

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