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ENsemiconductor material 
substance, the conductivity of which, due to charge carriers of both signs, is normally in the range between that of conductors and insulating media, and in which the density of its charge carriers can be changed by external means

NOTE 1 The term “semiconductor” generally applies where the charge carriers are electrons or holes

NOTE 2 In order to increase the conductivity, the energy supplied must be greater than the band gap energy. See also "band gap energy", 3.1.5

NOTE 3 Certain semiconductors, such as silicon, gallium arsenide, cadmium telluride and copper indium diselenide compounds, to name a number of materials currently available, are well suited to the PV conversion process

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Published in:IEC 61836, ed. 2.0 (2007-12) Terms     Info
Reference number:3.1.57
Source:IEV 121-12-06 IEV 521-02-01 (modified)

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