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ENlead-acid battery 
secondary battery with an aqueous electrolyte based on dilute sulphuric acid, a positive electrode of lead dioxide and a negative electrode of lead

NOTE 1 "Secondary" refers to a rechargeable battery

NOTE 2 Lead-acid batteries are commonly used in stand-alone PV systems

a) lead-acid battery for PV systems

generic term for lead-acid batteries used in stand-alone PV systems

NOTE 3 In a narrow sense, a lead-acid battery in PV systems refers to a battery of lead-acid electrochemical cells designed to meet the quality requirements of a PV system

NOTE 4 A lead-acid battery in PV systems is commonly referred to as a “PV battery”

b) valve regulated lead-acid battery

sealed lead-acid battery in which oxygen gas generated from positive plates is reactively absorbed into negative plates thereby suppressing generation of hydrogen gas

NOTE 5 A valve regulated lead-acid battery is equipped with a valve to release gas outside the battery when pressure builds up in the electrochemical cells

c) vented lead-acid battery

lead-acid battery designed with a vent mechanism to expel gases generated during charging

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