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ENSELV, Safety Extra Low Voltage 
a) for a.c. the peak value of the voltage does not exceed 42,4 V;
b) for d.c. the voltage does not exceed 60 V

Note 1 to entry: When safety extra low voltage is obtained from the supply mains, it is to be through a safety isolating transformer or a converter with separate windings, the insulation of which complies with double insulation or reinforced insulation requirements.

Note 2 to entry: The voltage limits specified are based on the assumption that the safety isolating transformer is supplied at its rated voltage.

Note 3 to entry: Safety Extra Low Voltage is also known as SELV.

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Published in:IEC 62282-5-1, ed. 2.0 (2012-09) Terms     Info
Reference number:3.23
Source:IEC 60335-1:2010, definition 3.4.2 (modified)

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