IEC Revisable Files Database

General information

The IEC Central Office provides published standards in revisable file format (Microsoft Word) in two specific cases:

  • For revising an existing IEC standard
  • For preparing a national adoption of an IEC standard

The files are copyright and may only be used for the purpose for wich they have been requested. Any other use or distribution is forbidden, unless specifically authorized in writing by the IEC Central Office.

National Committees

In order to obtain access for one or more members of NC staff, the NC Secretary should contact the IEC Technical Information and Support Services (see below under Contact) and indicate the IEC username(s) which should be granted permission to download revisable files.

NCs are required to indicate for each downloaded file the corresponding national reference, its year of adoption and degree of correspondence (IDT or MOD). Please go to the section "Downloaded files", click on the IEC reference and enter the information concerning your national adoption.

A period of six months from the date of download is granted for providing the required information. After the six months, reminders are sent to NC Secretaries.

Technical Committees

In the case of revision of an existing IEC standard the TC/SC Secretary should contact their IEC Technical Officer to obtain the corresponding revisable file.


Queries should be addressed to Helpdesk.

Telephone: +41 22 919 0224 / + 41 22 919 0307

Email: Helpdesk