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Language:enStatus: Standard
Term: acoustic Doppler current profiler
Synonym1: ADCP
Synonym2: acoustic Doppler velocimetry system
Definition: acoustic device that determines the velocity of particles in the water volume by measuring the Doppler shift in the transmitted or scattered signal

Note 1 to entry: There are two classes of acoustic Doppler current profiler, based on backscattering or transmission.

Note 2 to entry: In the transmission-type of acoustic Doppler current profiler, bi-static measurements are typically made at distances of order of magnitude 10 cm along the beam's direction of propagation, but the signal actually represents the three-dimensional velocity of a small parcel of water, though it is considered to represent a point measurement.

Note 3 to entry: To determine a vertical profile of current with the transmission-type of acoustic Doppler current profiler, the device is lowered, or raised, through the water column, making a series of local measurements.

Note 4 to entry: In the backscattering-type of acoustic Doppler current profiler, a vertical profile of current can be determined remotely. The range of measurements is often of the order of tens to hundreds of metres depending on the acoustic transmission frequency.

Note 5 to entry: Note that the use in underwater acoustics of the words "transmit", "transmitter" and "transmission" to describe the process of sound radiation by a source is commonplace, but this deviates from the usage prescribed in IEV 702-02-05 where the words "emit", "emitter" and "emission" are preferred.

Note 6 to entry: This note applies to the French language only.

Publication date:2021-02
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