Language:enStatus: Standard
Term: AAL context of use
Definition: designation of the environment of the AAL user in terms of space and location

Note 1 to entry: The AAL contexts of use are the following:

1. global

The outdoor environment including transportation – automobile, bus, train, airplane, etc.

Example: normally an uncontrolled environment in terms of weather, population, animal, etc.

2. public buildings

Includes all other relevant indoor environments that can or not be designed for accessibility required by AAL users.

Example: includes dwellings like the ones referred to under “home”, but this can be expected to be a different selection and with a different mix of enabling functions and applications.

3. personal mobility and personal vehicle

Includes personal mobility devices which can control devices, communicate and save the information data. Personal vehicles designed for the elderly and/or the handicapped are included.

Example: automobile or vehicle with controls for driving by persons requiring assistance with mobility.

4. home;

Place of residence.

5. body and personal

Includes the body and the immediate area around the body.

Example: includes devices such as sensors and actuators worn in or on the body, hand-carried and personal devices typically taken along by one individual (music player, smartphone, tablet).

6. workspace

Denotes the area of the workspace outside of the home, e.g. office, factory etc.

Note 2 to entry: This definition excludes hospitals and other facilities primarily providing skilled nursing services.

Publication date:2023-10
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