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IEVref:904-03-06ID: 904-03-06
Language:enStatus: Standard
Term: reactivation function
Definition: function allowing equipment to be switched into an on mode with an internal signal, with its remote control unit, or manually

EXAMPLE A timer could provide the internal signal leading to reactivation.

Note 1 to entry: The reactivation function may be indicated using a simple optical device (e.g. a light-emitting diode (LED)).

Note 2 to entry: A mode change during the reactivation function cannot be initiated by a network command.

Note 3 to entry: Table 1 provides a structured overview as an aid to understanding this and other concepts relating to energy efficiency and power consumption applicable in electrotechnical products. Additional terms to fulfil the particular needs of particular product sectors should be defined within the structure of the concepts shown in Table 1.

Table 1 – Operating conditions of equipment in respect to power demand

As the number of functions increases from left to right in Table 1, the relevant modes will generally have higher energy consumption. The existence of a mode in Table 1 does not imply that a particular piece of equipment will offer that mode.

Publication date:2014-11
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Domain1:Environmental standardization for electrical and electronic products and systems
Domain2:Terms relating to energy efficiency and power consumption