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IEVref:161-01-27ID: 161-01-27
Language:enStatus: Standard
Term: port, <in electromagnetic compatibility>
Definition: particular interface of an equipment which couples this equipment with the external electromagnetic environment (161-01-01) and through which the equipment is influenced by this environment

EXAMPLE Examples of ports of interest are shown in Figure 1. The enclosure port is the physical boundary of the apparatus (e.g. enclosure). The enclosure port provides for radiated and electrostatic discharge (161-01-22) energy transfer, whereas the other ports provide for conducted energy transfer.

Figure 1 – Examples of ports

Note 1 to entry: Ports in the subject area of electromagnetic compatibility are specific cases of the port defined in 131-12-60.

Publication date:2014-06
Source:IEC Guide 107:2009, 3.1.12, modified – The presentation of the term and the wording of the definition have been revised for compatibility with the IEV.
Internal notes:
CO remarks: The wording of the definition has been improved and revised for compatibility with the IEV. The abbreviation ESD has been deleted and a link to 161-01-01 added.
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Domain1:Electromagnetic compatibility
Domain2:Basic concepts