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IEVref:442-09-10ID: 442-09-10
Language:enStatus: Standard
Term: rated voltage
Definition: rated value of the voltage assigned by the manufacturer to a component, device or equipment and to which operation and performance characteristics are referred

Note 1 to entry: Equipment may have more than one rated voltage value or may have a rated voltage range.

Note 2 to entry: For three-phase power supply, the line-to-line voltage applies.

Publication date:2014-11
Source:IEC 60664-1:2007, 3.9, modified – Note 2 to entry added. "value", “supply” and “phase-to-phase voltage” replaced by "rated value", "power supply" and "line-to-line voltage" respectively for conformity with the IEV.
Internal notes:2014-12-18: superfuous "voltage" deleted from Note 2. JGO
2015-02-13: "power supply", "rated value" replaced by "rated value", "power supply" in the English note. JGO
2015-08-12: "Note 2 to entry added." to the source following a remark from AFNOR. The note was added by agreement of TC 109 - see the file "TC 109 data - rev_1_0_07_02_14.xlsx" of 2014-02-12 - but we omitted to add the information to the source reference. JGO
CO remarks:
TC/SC remarks:
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Domain1:Electrical accessories
Domain2:Insulation coordination for low voltage equipment