Material class
Classification: 2 Organic materials    M-25 Filled thermoplastics resin
Class name:PolyOxyMethylene (POM)
Definition:Resin materials mainly consisting of a polymer with oxymethylene (-CH2O-) as the unit structure. Like 1,3,5-trioxane (metaformaldehyde), it is a polymer of formaldehyde. There are two types of this polymer: homopolymer ([-CH2O-]n, paraformaldehyde) obtained by polymerizing formaldehyde only, and copolymer ([-CH2O-]n[-CH2CH2O-]m) containing oxymethylene (-CH2CH2O-) in a proportion of up to about 10 mol percent. Since both of them are treated as polyacetal or acetal resin, they shall be included in this material class. Polyacetal and Polyformaldehyde are Common Synonym
First added:2019-08-21
Last revised:2019-08-21

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