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IEC 61355 - Collection of standardized and established document kinds

Welcome to the IEC 61355 database

IEC 61355 provides rules and guidelines for the classification and designation of documents and document kinds. It serves as a basis for agreements about the preparation of a structured documentation, primarily required for larger installations, for example plants with their systems and equipment.

In this context “document kind” is a “type of document defined with respect to its specified content of information and form of presentation”, where document is understood as “fixed and structured amount of information intended for human perception that can be managed and interchanged as a unit between users and systems”.

IEC 61355 consists of two parts:

• a publication, IEC 61355-1:2008, Classification and designation of documents for plants, systems and equipment – Part 1: Rules and classification tables, describing methods and rules and providing guidance for applications such as communication in the field of documentation and for document identification; and

• the present database, IEC 61355 DB, providing brief definitions of a set of internationally standardized document kinds, including requirements on the contents of information, references to appropriate sources and the applicable classification in accordance with IEC 61355-1.

The database covers all technical areas and is open for further development of documentation and documentation systems.

Documents from non-technical areas are included to the extent required for and during the engineering process.
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