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IEC 60191 - Mechanical standardization of semiconductor devices
Part 2: Dimensions

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Welcome to the IEC 60191-2 database

IEC 60191-2 (Mechanical standardization of semiconductor devices - Part 2: Dimensions) is a loose-leaf publication published by the IEC since 1966. The standard drawings given in this publication represent the unification of national standards. This publication is now available in database format.

It includes 220 drawings in PDF format, together with some basic attributes such as:

- IEC code
- Package name
- Industrial common name
- Device type
- Descriptive code (according to IEC 60191-4)
- Release date

The database provides views for browsing the drawings by:

- Package name or Industrial common name
- IEC code
- Device type
- Descriptive code
- Release date

Subscriptions and End-User Restrictions

Access to the database is on a subscription basis. Subscriptions can be purchased through the IEC National Committees, National Committee-appointed Sales Outlets, or directly from the IEC Web Store. All subscriptions are subject to the customer agreeing to the IEC Web Store Product(s) Licence Agreement.

Navigation and search capability

The database provides categorized views (by name, IEC code, device type, descriptive code and date) and a general search facility allowing to search for terms or a combination of terms in the designation or type of each sheet.


The database is maintained by subcommittee 47D: Semiconductor Packaging of IEC technical committee 47: Semiconductor devices.

National Committees

National Committees should send a list of staff members who are to be authorized to access the database. The list should include the name and username for each person (username is that currently used to access working documents on the IEC web site). The list should be sent by email to


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