Status report: IEC 60617 change requests (from 2021-08-11 to 2022-08-11)

CR ID Type Requested Evaluation closing Evaluated Validation closing Resolved General comments Affected symbols
C00288Technical modification2021-07-022021-09-102021-09-11  In consequence of 3/1443/DCS00447, S00448, S00449, S01928
C00289Editorial2022-01-032022-02-282022-06-20   S01401, S01403, S01457, S01491, S01492, S01493, S01494, S01495, S01496, S01497, S01498, S01510, S01511, S01520, S01521, S01522, S01523, S01524, S01525, S01546, S01566, S01568, S01636, S01639, S01748, S01749, S01769, S01808
C00290Technically new2022-01-122022-02-11  2022-06-07 S01928
C00291Editorial2022-08-092022-09-02    S00447, S01927, S01929