International Electrotechnical Commission

IEC 61360 - Common Data Dictionary (CDD - V2.0012.0002)

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    The IEC Common Data Dictionary (CDD) contains the IEC reference collection of classes and associated characteristic properties (data element types or DETs) for electric/electronic components and materials used in electrotechnical equipment and systems.


    The dictionary and database follow the methodology of Part 1 of IEC 61360 and the information model of Parts 2 and 5, and include:

    • a hierarchical classification of components in a classification tree
    • a set of characteristic properties (DETs) associated with each class that fully describe components belonging to a class. Within the classification hierarchy, sub-classes inherit properties from those classes above them in the tree
    • where relevant, conditions or value ranges for which the property values are valid.

    These characteristic properties may be used in specifications, data sheets, or requirement documents to unambiguously describe physical or virtual products. Users may use the properties to create special lists of properties to characterize products in a commonly agreed way.

    Special license conditions allow the use of the properties in business and engineering processes, thus contributing to clear and unambiguous communication among humans or software applications.

    IEC CDD data can be extracted in a IEC 62656-1 compliant computer-sensible form. Selective downloads are available in Excel format.

    Browsing and searching

    The database may be browsed via the classification tree to display the definition of each class together with the list of properties applicable in that class. For each property, in turn, its definition may be displayed together with the classes in which it is applicable and any relevant conditions.

    The classes and properties in the database may also be searched by terms that include, among others:

    • keyword from the name of the class or property
    • free-text search across all names, definitions, notes and remarks
    • status
    • units of measure for quantitative properties


    The database is maintained by a validation team appointed by the IEC National Committees. Requests for modifications and additions are processed via change requests addressed to the validation team by IEC National Committees and TCs. Please click here to access the maintenance area (requires password).

    Database status

    The database contains the class and property definitions as contained in IEC 61360-4 : 1997 together with all additions and amendments that have been proposed for it or are undergoing evaluation.


    Please read the License Agreement governing the use and reproduction of the terms and definitions contained in this International Standard.