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D000392006-04Network map
D000402006-04Block diagram (IEC 61082-1)
D000472006-04Logic-function diagram
D000492006-04Equivalent-circuit diagram
D000542006-04Terminal-function diagram
D000652006-04Terminal connection diagram
D000662006-04Unit connection diagram
D000672006-04Interconnection diagram
D000682006-04Interconnection diagram (cables)
D000692006-04Cable diagram
D000702006-04Terminal connection list
D000712006-04Terminal connection table
D000722006-04Unit connection list
D000732006-04Unit connection table
D000742006-04Interconnection list
D000752006-04Interconnection table
D000762006-04Cable list
D000772006-04Cable table
D000862006-04Site plan (base document for electrical installation)
D000872006-04Earthing diagram
D000882006-04Installation diagram (site)
D000892006-04Cable routing drawing (site)
D000902006-04Installation diagram (building)
D000912006-04Cable routing drawing (building)
D000922006-04Earthing drawing (site)
D000932006-04Earthing drawing (building)
D000942006-04Earthing plan (site)
D000952006-04Earthing plan (building)
D000962006-04Installation drawing (site)
D000972006-04Installation drawing (building)
D000982006-04Installation plan (site)
D000992006-04Installation plan (building)
D001002006-04Building drawing (base document for electrical installation)
D001012006-04Assembly drawing
D001122006-04Single-line diagram
D001132006-04Topological diagram (of a network)
D001142006-04System diagram (for a network)
D001152006-04System operational diagram (of a network)
D001162006-04Three-phase system diagram (of a network)
D001172006-04Voltage map (for a network)
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